Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Opportunities

During the summer I will be blogging about my internship at DukeUniversity. I'll do my best to give you guys all the information I have and hopefully (for those of you who don't have any experience) help you have abetter understanding of what a Medical Internship is.

I applied to the SMDEP program at Duke University because I wanted to do something productive during the summer. Here's the link to the page if anyone else wants to apply:

I also applied to the CAMP program in Chicago:

Freshmen (and Sophomores) can also apply to the Leadership AllianceProgram (this internship is for those of you who are interested in aMD/PhD degree or just PhD degree):

As Cornellians we can also apply to be Resident Advisors during the summer or Pre-Freshmen Advisors.

In other words there are a looooooooootttttttt of opportunities out there; we just have to look for them.

If anyone knows of any other opportunities please post them.

Well for the time being I'm In Virginia relaxing. I should be here for two more weeks then I will be heading towards North Carolina on June 7th for the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) at Duke

take care