Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hi everyone,

In 15 minutes i will be starting my Organic Chemistry class. It has been pretty hectic these last few days. I go to bed at 12 and wake up at 7:30 to go to class at 8:00

My classes:

1)Cell Biology

2)Organic Chemistry

3)Peak Performance: in this course we learn time management skills, study skills, and we also learn about what might affect us academically ( stereotypes, lack of confidence, etc.) and how to face them


5)Health Care and Disparities: throughout this course we will learn about health care disparities in America. We will analyze the reasons explaining why there are so few minorities in the medical field, the differences between health care in the states and in other countries, and a lot of other very interesting issues (i'll try to post a list)

6)Standardized Patient Interviewing & Beta Interviewing: we will learn throughout this course, how to interact with patients. An actor will play the role of a patient with a specific personality (shy, extroverted, etc) and we, the scholars, will have to learn how to determine what the story of the patient is.
The Beta interviews are mock interviews with faculty members to prepare are interview once we have been selected as interviewees by a Medical School.

7)Ethics and the patient Doctor relationship (starts today so the explanation will be for the next post)

8)Writing in Medical Education: we prepare our personal statement and do various other writing activities

9)I also shadow at the Hospital every Thursday (somewhere different every Thursday):
on June 19th I will be shadowing in Labor and delivery
26th : (MICU) Medical Intensive Care Unit
3 Jul: (NICU) Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit
10 Jul: Pediatrics ER
17 Jul: CCU Cardiac intensive Care Unit

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