Monday, July 21, 2008

La fin (french)...The end... El fin( spanish)...Li fini (creole)....

All good things must come to an end....

conclusion: SMDEP @ Duke was AMAZING.

OK now for the interesting stuff:

I didn't have the chance to write at all during the last week because I had a presentation to prepare. All of the students that were taking cell biology had to choose a disease that was caused by a genetic mutation to present in front of the class. After presenting in front of the class, the three best presentations were chosen to present in front of all of the students in the program and all of the faculty members. (nerve wrecking !!!!!!)

The twist: the information MUST be presented creatively. A typical power point presentation would not be accepted.

My groups presentation:
Subject: Tay Sachs disease
Method: We chose to make a video!!!! We started of by making a parody of : "That 70's show" In our parody Dana and Eric have a child that have Tay Sachs disease. When they notice some of the symptoms they decide to go see the doctor (that's where I come in).
The second part of the video was a parody of House M.D. ... and I was House ;)..... The video ends with House wondering what's wrong with the baby... We then start our power point presentation explaining what occurred in the video (symptoms of Tay Sachs disease, causes, ect)

We had a lot of fun filming the video. In the end we reached the finals but ended getting second place :(. I really enjoyed myself and that's what counts ;)

I also wanted to talk about some of the seminars that I found really helpful:

1) The Health professions Recruitment Seminar:
Representatives of various Medical Schools came to talk about how to be a competitive applicant to Med school(Approximately 19 different Medical Schools: Weill Cornell, John Hopkins, Stanford, Washington University in St Louis, etc)

2) Financial planning Workshop. We analyzed:
a) The debt that is incurred after Med School
b) How to pay for Med School
c)How much a physician earns
d) How to be responsible with our money ( managing credit cards, making a budget, etc)

I'm really enjoyed being at Duke during the summer. Anyone that can apply should apply.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the blogs.

Take care


Jeff said...

Regi -

It has been amazing to read about this experience! I can't wait to talk with you about things you've learned.


Anonymous said...

Hello Regi,

Sounds very interesting! I will be heading to SMDEP @ Duke in a few days! Thanks for the heads up! I hope to have just as an encouraging time there as you did! :-)